Image Masking Image Masking
Image Masking Image Masking

Image Masking Service:

Image masking is one of the primary image processing operations. It is used to remove the background of photographs that clip the path and obscure the edges or hair parts. We can remove Extractor by using the image masking technique to disassemble an object from the rest of the picture. To give a better look to the photo, they completely change the effect, color, and contrast of the photo. Even Photoshop’s Masking service has a specific effect. This service is designed to create a perfect, stupid-free editing effect for the image.

What is Photoshop Image Masking?

Image masking is the best process for taking a picture from its recent background and this process is used to preserve the image’s shape. It is used to use an unnecessary part of an image. It’s very popular among photographer who wants to set their image among photographers.

Why will you use Image masking service?

With the help of image masking services, photographers can easily reduce their photo capturing cost when the client has to capture the image in the desired background, then he must make a long journey to go there. So using the masking of the image it reduces the cost.
Our services are useful to many people in the world who want to capture the image without paying the photographer for them. Most masking photos are useful. This is useful because it will capture the image in a place and at worst, but we will make it professional and beautiful using our services. To make the images beautiful, sometimes we have to use different process to ask the client before working with them. So do not wait to send your image to use and we will send you a quote which we will then start with.

Categories of Image Masking Services:

✅Layer Masking
✅Alpha Channel Masking
✅Fur & Hair Masking
✅Refine Edge Masking
✅Transparent Object Masking.
✅Translucent Object Masking
✅Object Masking
✅Color Masking

Layer Masking:

Layer mask is used to hide or reveal an image. By layer mask, we can disappear any part with dark shadows or partially visible. By painting with a black brush, the background will be transparent. Moreover, painting with a white brush allows you to get the previous condition. Using soft brush, you will get smooth edges.

Alpha Channel Masking:

The alpha channel is a bit different from masking layers or clipping masking. It combines clipping paths and image masking. You know, to remove the background, you need to think from different corners for different pictures. With alpha channel, if the quality of the image is nice then you can easily remove the background.

Fur & Hair Masking

Separate hair and fur from the background, pen tablet for soft edges etc. If necessary, we apply color, brightness, contrast, exposure correction etc. to make the object natural. Photo masking is more effective than hair clipping. Hair masking service is extremely fine photo editing techniques. Extraction of objects from the background with hair, fur or wool is very difficult with equipment or masking pen equipment. For masking the hair, the Clipping Path Service Company uses Adobe Photoshop to create complex layer masking / fur masking services and to create flying hairstyles. We use the Pen Tablet (Wacom) to separate the product from the background with the natural soft edge. The Pen Tablet enables the designer to get complete control over the design work and get the best results. Clipping Path Service Company (CPSC) has more than 2 years of experience in image editing and video editing service. We have been working with the world’s famous companies and brands since our establishment.

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